Some words about...

Hello, dear guests! On this page you can find my photos. As for me, photography is the way of expressing yourself and your view. My creative pseudonym is Krasinskaya, as like my surname. I started shootin in distant 2013 tear. I was about 14, when I bought my first camera.It was a great eventfor me and I was taking many, SO MANY photos. It was like:"oh, it's a tree, oh my god - it is a flower, dog, sky, sun, puddles...and so on.

And now I enjoy taking photos of people's faces, because I'm sure that all people are very different, and every person has his own beauty. Awareness of this has come to my mind when I srarted doing my hobby. This work helped me to love myself, my appearance. And the only message for my audience is really simple. LOVE yourself, you are individual. And we all are INDIVIDUALITIES!

© 2018, CMD. All photos belong to Alexandra Krasinskaya